Where Are They Now: Andrea Spiegel - Event Marketer

Where Are They Now: Andrea Spiegel – Event Marketer

Where Are They Now: Andrea Spiegel

February/March 2006


Back then: In early 2006 Andrea Spiegel vp-marketing was coming off a year filled with hundreds of events for the quirky friendly airline so many that she planned to tighten her seatbelt around fewer events and better activation for the same budget. Her flight plan: to find the common thread among programs to be consistent and adaptable. Oh and to capitalize on a company-wide database to track ticket purchases for a smooth landing to ROI.

Now: Spiegel’s travels have taken her to some interesting new places. How about she fills us in:

What’s up with JetBlue this year?
We have streamlined our promotional efforts. Last year we launched 16 new markets and a lot of promotional activity especially our guerrilla-related activity was around that. Once that frenzy of new markets happened we retrenched to a plan where we are in a smaller number of our larger markets and we’re reinforcing our new brand messaging and this year the big one has been around legroom. We had a campaign around our anniversary celebrating legroom with giveaways and stilt walkers in all of our major markets where we spent almost a week on guerrilla efforts including New York Los Angeles San Francisco Washington D.C. and Florida. Also Blue Betty our mobile marketing unit became refreshed and interactive. We have a huge plasma screen on one side that is interactive; consumers can look up our entire route network; it has video virtual tours of our aircraft our TV commercials product information. We also refreshed the interior in general. And we expanded our campus rep program.

What are you most proud of?
“The Simpsons” movie promotion. We were the official airline of Springfield in conjunction with the movie this summer. For six weeks (the month of July and half of August) we were all things Simpsons. Our website became Simpson-ized we named a plane after the Simpsons we had a major press event in Los Angeles we had a fall sale with Woo-Hoo fares and had a major sweepstakes that awarded trips to L.A. for the premiere. As part of that we will also have exclusive movie rights for “The Simpsons” in-flight a month before any other airline. It was major undertaking and a huge success.

What challenges lie ahead for JetBlue?
As we continue to grow how do we best position ourselves to effectively execute and activate events and promotions? What we love to do at JetBlue: We love to be a part of it for our team and of course other crew members in the company serve as promotional volunteers. How we scale that program continues to be a challenge as we grow. The next challenge is Blue Betty. Betty’s fabulous. We love her but now we’re trying to think about life after Betty because she won’t be here forever. So what’s the next trend in mobile marketing what’s the next cool thing we can do as a major platform going forward?


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@karlavidal

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