EMS 2012: Tweet it Like You Stole it - Event Marketer

EMS 2012: Tweet it Like You Stole it – Event Marketer

EMS 2012: Tweet it Like You Stole it

The 10th annual Event Marketing Summit is officially behind us now, and for those on-site at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Chicago the sessions were sizzling hot, the keynotes were right on pitch and the drinks were bottomless. But the goodies weren’t just for those folks who saw it live. Twitter was all a-flutter thanks to all you social-savvy event peeps passing around the content jewels, high points and (yes) complaints. We’ve collected a very short list of some of our favorites for your recapping pleasure. If we’ve missed any of the ones you liked best, drop ‘em in the comments. Oh, and for an awesome visualization of the #emschi tweetstream, visit toriseye.quodis.com/#emschi.

@maitramtran: #socialmedia is the number 1 thing we do on the Internet… it used to be porn. #emschi

@susiedidonato: Wonderful session Victor Torregroza & Intel – great takeaways and champagne?!! #emschi

@enigmamichael: @EventMarketer THANK YOU for broadcasting the awards. Can’t be at #emschi tonight but inspired watching it on my ipad.

@samueljsmith: SAP Social uses Social Reporters to share key ideas from event and represent the virtual audience at the event. #eventprofs #emschi

@dveale: TED is not a conference it is an “idea” performance! #emschi

@DaveBrull: Well said and hilarious RT @VegasGalB: Stats are like bikinis. What they reveal is important, but what they hide is VITAL. #emschi

@GrowMarketing: Big theme at Event Marketing Summit: curate and edit – don’t overwhelm consumers with paralyzing number of choices. #emschi

@abigailcress: Just saw one of the funnier McD’s commercials in recent memory… Happy Meal trumps soccer trophy. Very cute. #emschi

@DigitalMartyn: Malibu not progressing QR codes going forward. Consumers either didn’t get it or didn’t care. Becoming a theme at #emschi

@VegasGalB: Only 3 scorpion tacos were available p/day on Heineken’s food trunk. Yet, 50% who tweeted said they ate one 😀 #emschi

@TimHoyt: #emschi keynote. The Dos XX world’s most interesting man does not go to live appearances. live appearances go to him

@MBethanyG: Women in Events at Event Marketing Summit – “Confidence is not something someone can give you. It’s something you give yourself” #EMSChi

@davidTstevens: QR codes didn’t work for @sxsw. Used RFIDs in badges AND wristbands for real time data. #emschi

@scottlum: Sage invites customers & product teams to submit video content and whitepapers to crowdsource their virtual summit. #emschi

@asullivan_epic: Lesya Lysyj/Heineken CMO: not always about how many ppl show up if the activation is driving talk value. Great perspective. #emschi

@scottlum: You can’t do influencer marketing all the time. You’ve got to reach and resonate with your audience. – Molly O’Donnell #emschi
@CityEventions: Molly O’Donnell of Microsoft- “We don’t need more people, we need the right people. The socially connected people.” #emschi

@reddishSonia: Doing Zumba in Intel session #emschi

@weduinc: ‘@EventMarketer’s own, Dan Hanover, gettin’ jiggy with it at #emschi. He’s got some serious dance moves! on.fb.me/IWvqOB

@GenaMazzeo: If you’re a brand I want to hang out with, I might do business with you. @Progressive says re: event mktg #emschi #truth

@abigailcress: “Consumers want to do things their neighbor can’t do. They want experiences.” Seth Friedman, Jack Morton self proclaimed “data nerd” #emschi

@asullivan_epic: Heard from a few ppl at #emschi – brands that measure are brands that get more money. Makes sense, right @SRi__TeamEpic?

@csmontana: @jaycurley “We make the best friggin’ ice cream in the world. That’s how we can be authentic.” #emschi

@CityEventions: Only at #emschi is it completely acceptable to let a sock monkey crash a working session. Until next year! pic.twitter.com/IDh9O0kz

@csmontana: @toddhenry Great session today #emschi. I learned to: Die empty, not become fried ignore the ping and how to keep my 9 year old in the box.

@randydeutsch: Quote of the #emschi conference: “Cover bands don’t change the world” – @toddhenry, @beAccidental accidentalcreative.com > #innovate

@AdelanteLive: Great takeaway from #emschi ‘T-shirts are not to be confused with the brand experience.’ – Matthew Jonas @Matthewgjonas

@PinkDeb: shawns321’s photo instagr.am/p/KHHaWVQ219/ love this pic from #emschi!

Thanks to all of you who attended and followed the Tweets from the Event Markeitng Summit. See you next year at #emschi.

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