CBS Sports Installation at Bellagio

Our Report from Super Bowl LVIII: Brands Hit the Jackpot with Experiential

15 brand activations that hyped up NFL Fans and Las Vegas locals

Up and down the Las Vegas Strip, excitement for Super Bowl LVIII—in one of the most active event and tourist cities—was in the air. Everywhere you looked, there was a football visual in sight, whether it was a ginormous projection display of Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers players on the side of Caesars Palace or a replica Lombardi Trophy in a hotel lobby.

Super Bowl projection on Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace wowed football fans with rotating Super Bowl-themed projection displays on the side of its hotel.

But within every type of venue or footprint the city offered were brand experiences—special events, one-of-a-kind photo ops, invite-only parties, one-night-only concerts and multiday activations that had people moving across the Strip, sitting for hours in traffic and standing in seemingly endless lines. Experiential was the play, and brands went big to engage the more than 330,000 visitors brought in by the Chiefs and 49ers rematch on Feb. 11.

Brands captured consumers’ attention with sprawling footprints, commemorative giveaways, specialty menus, celebrity-attended brunches and booming late-night parties. From day one of activations popping up along the Strip, brand reps told EM they were seeing higher foot traffic rates than anticipated. Swag stockpiles were replenished on the double, and reservation time slots filled up quickly. After all, when it’s exclusive and for a limited time, everyone wants in.

Following the infrastructure frustrations with November’s Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, Super Bowl LVIII was another test for Vegas to show it could handle big-time sporting events, and the consensus on the ground was that the city was right on the money this weekend and that the game-related experiences lived up to the hype.

Here, we bring you extensive, and exclusive, coverage of Super Bowl LVIII brand activations we toured around the city, from intimate concerts in hotel venues to celebrity watch parties at comedy clubs to immersive booths in the Super Bowl Experience presented by Toyota at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center.

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Paramount Mountain in Las Vegas

Paramount Mountain took over the iconic Mirage Volcano location with a block-long activation. (Image credit: Scott Clark Photography)

For the first time in NFL history, the Super Bowl was broadcast in two different formats. CBS carried the traditional broadcast of the game (also streamed via Paramount+), and Nickelodeon aired a kids- and family-friendly telecast that got a lot of attention on social media. CBS Sports branding was all over the Strip, particularly in front of the Bellagio, where the iconic fountains provided a dynamic backdrop for various broadcasts leading up to the Big Game and photo ops for passersby looking to catch a glimpse of the commentators.

But the brand focused its experiential strategy on Paramount Mountain, a four-day activation that took the place of The Mirage’s famous volcano as part of a block-long footprint. Paramount’s Expedition Vegas, the most elaborate and interactive experience we visited, took participants on a journey through the brand’s shows and movies, moving through different themed vignettes inside areas Base Camp, Chalet, Ridgeline, The Village and Paramount Station. The lines were long as fans waited their turn to pose for old-timey photos in the “1923” exhibit, take on MTV’s timed “The Challenge” experience, earn prizes from the Pluto TV vending machines and get a massage at the BET “Sistas” spa.

Lastly, the brand invited attendees to summit Paramount Mountain through an immersive Adventure to the Peak experience, where they boarded a gondola for a 4D-simulated snowy ascent, narrated by Tony Romo and Jim Nantz, and featuring Paramount characters along the ride. Get a more in-depth look at Paramount’s activation here. (Agencies: AGENC, experiential; PR DEPT, p.r.)



The Frito-Lay Chip Strip in Las Vegas

Highlights from The Frito-Lay Chip Strip: PopCorners Psychip Advisor, Ruffles Ridge Revue and Stacy’s Souvenirs.

The Chip Strip was one of the busiest activation spots in the city. Taking over the sidewalk area in front of the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Frito-Lay built colorful building facades of businesses representing its most popular snack brands, including Rold Gold Pawn Shop, PopCorners Psychip Advisor, Ruffles Ridge Revue, Stacy’s Souvenirs, Tost by Tostitos restaurant (more on that later) and Fritos Saloon.

Couple marries in the Cheetos Chapel in Las Vegas

An animated Chester Cheetah performed marriage and friendship ceremonies for couples dressed in their orange best.

Passersby didn’t hesitate to peruse The Chip Strip, lining up to try their luck at the larger-than-life red and gold Snack Pot slot machine or battle in the electric green Doritos Dinamita foam pit arena. Snackers were on a mission to collect all of the chip bags, specially designed for the activation, being distributed by brand ambassadors. The chip bags were compostable, and Frito-Lay set up card-themed compost bins to collect them, positioned next to dice trash boxes.

The last and most exciting part of The Chip Strip was the Cheetos Chapel, set up on the Brooklyn Bridge. The orange, heart-spotted chapel drew a long line of Cheetos fans looking to declare their love for one another in “mischief and matrimony.” An animated Chester Cheetah in hologram form performed the marriage and friendship ceremonies, by the power vested in himself, pronouncing couples, who dressed up in a selection of outrageous orange wedding apparel and accessories, as “partners in mischief in puffy times or in crunchy” sealed with a high five.

After saying “I do,” the couples commemorated the ceremony with a short video shot while orange confetti blasted into the air, tasted Mischievous-Ever-After Cake Pops (wedding cake and white chocolate covered in crushed Cheetos, yum), and posed with a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Rolls-Royce parked in front of the chapel. Burning love, indeed. (Partner: Proto, hologram technology)



Tost by Tostitos pop-up restaurant

At the Tost by Tostitos pop-up restaurant, fans savored a meal inspired by cuisines from around the world—and Tostitos.

Tostitos popped up a full restaurant near New York-New York, inviting fans to savor a complimentary meal inspired by cuisines from around the world. While three types of dining experiences were offered at the two-floor Tost by Tostitos restaurant—chef’s table, dining room and lounge—we enjoyed the main dining room tasting menu, where a looming screen above the bar presented colorful tortilla-themed graphics throughout the lunch.

Recipes for the five-course meal—starting with chips and salsa, of course—at first seemed familiar but each came with its own Tostitos twist, from the Thai corn fried shrimp to the barbacoa arepas made with Tostitos Restaurant Style masa patties. Guests could sample two cocktails from the beverage menu, which included a coconut corn coquito, frozen smoke with charred Tostitos syrup and the signature Tost by Tostitos margarita. Served on branded napkins, most of the drinks featured “Tost” cocktail toppers printed with edible ink.

The meal wrapped with a Tostitos Ice Cream Taco: a chocolate-dipped taco shell, Tostitos Hint of Lime ice cream (a surprising flavor) and flaked salt. Post-meal, participants stepped into the Tost by Tostitos football field photo op, with a backdrop lined with footballs representing each NFL team.



Lowe's booth at Super Bowl Experience

Lowe’s showcased its store brands through interactive exhibits and locker room-style displays.

One of the largest booths on the show floor at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center belonged to Lowe’s, which used the space to showcase its store brands through interactive exhibits. At the Moen station, attendees could press buttons to activate upward-facing shower heads for a fountain-like presentation. FLEX and Kobalt power tools were on display and lined a Super Bowl LVIII photo op.

Over in the Valspar area, outlining all of the officially licensed paint colors of the NFL, fans watched colors combine on a screen and placed their guesses on a tablet for the team color that was being mixed. Next door, a mural of Allegiant Stadium, NFL players and “Lowe’s knows Super Bowl LVIII” messaging was created with Valspar paints, naturally.

The centerpiece of the home improvement brand’s booth was a football throwing challenge, in which participants lined up on green grassy carpet to toss a football through the “O” in a huge double stack of “HOME TEAM” free-standing letters. Successful contenders came away with a blue Lowe’s bucket. Paint buckets wrapped in NFL team logos lined the queue area, along with locker room-style displays of Lowe’s Home Team Picks, featuring jerseys, grills, workwear, tools and appliances from brands like Carhartt, Stainmaster, Char-Broil and LG.



Uber Eats convenience store

Uber Eats’ Get Almost Almost Anything Shop featured three convenience store-themed rooms with produce, beverages, canned food and household products on display.

One of our favorite experiences all weekend, Uber Eats’ Get Almost Almost Anything Shop popped up at the Super Bowl Experience to show attendees the everyday essentials they can order for delivery on the app. Signage around the convenience store encouraged attendees to download the Uber Eats app before enjoying the experience so they could place an order while in line that would then be ready for pickup at the end of the walkthrough.

The green exterior featured windows of grocery art, brick walls, a “Greetings from Super Bowl LVIII” mural, a flower stand, a payphone, a newspaper box with The Daily Delivery and a bike with an Uber Eats delivery bag hooked on the back. Through glass doors, participants stepped into a room full of produce stands and shelves of fake cans, wine bottles, chips and boxes. While the products on the shelves couldn’t be moved, they could press a button for instant service, and a hand would pop out to hand them a Starry can, a bag of Cheetos and avocado keychains.

Freezer doors opened to reveal the second room. Giant versions of fries, Starry soda, a toothbrush, floss, steaks and an apple created a fun photo op inside a mirrored, green-illuminated tunnel. The final space featured stacks of soda boxes, bouquets, shelves of household products, banana racks and a checkout area where two brand ambassadors passed out orders to the shop’s “customers.” Read the full case study here. (Agencies: David Stark Design and Production, experiential; LaFORCE, p.r.)



Nickelodeon booth at the Super Bowl Experience

The installations in Nickelodeon’s booth lived up to the brand’s personality.

Ahead of its first kids-themed Super Bowl broadcast, Nickelodeon invited families at the convention center to go under the sea in a “SpongeBob SquarePants”-themed booth. Attendees walked across an orange and purple football field with slime splats to get to the different activities, including a Krabby Patty toss into an inflatable SpongeBob’s mouth, photo ops with Patrick Star and The Krusty Krab bounce house. The signature Nickelodeon orange blimp hung overhead, along with flower cutouts and plastic bubbles. Purple and green lighting added to Bikini Bottom’s underwater vibes. (Agency: Dorothy)



Invisalign booth at Super Bowl Experience

Invisalign offered meet-and-greets and star sightings—and signings.

Giving fans something to smile about, Invisalign brought in current and former NFL players and coaches like Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs, Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers and Antonio Pierce of the Las Vegas Raiders into its light green and blue booth for meet-and-greet and autograph sessions. With digital signage suspended from rafters and a huge marquee board, attendees from around the convention center could see who was hanging out at the signing booth, which was surrounded by displays of NFL players’ jerseys, helmets, cleats and hats. Participants could also step into a football field-themed illuminated box for a photo and participate in a football-throwing game. (Agency: Fruit Studio)



Wilson booth at Super Bowl Experience

Demonstrations of the craft of football-making are a signature Wilson play.

Wilson, makers of “The Duke,” the official football of the NFL, awed Super Bowl Experience attendees with an up-close look at how its footballs are crafted. The brand set up several stations depicting each stage of the process, such as turning and lacing, and had its team of experts on hand to work through each one. An emcee walked around the roped-off area to narrate the preparation cycle, engaging fans with trivia questions and distributing prizes. The Wilson craftspeople also stepped over to the onlooking attendees to show off their completed handiwork. Glass cases in between stanchions displayed historical football memorabilia and gear. The booth also featured a tall red water tower with the Wilson logo proudly displaying its Ada, OH, hometown, products for purchase, NFL collectibles and a wide shelving unit containing footballs from past Super Bowls organized by year, a big photo draw.



Visa booth at the Super Bowl Experience

Fans tested their “energy” with Visa.

Visa’s booth generated the most fan energy in the convention center, as the brand encouraged attendees to “show us how you fan.” The Visa Fandemonium Pandemonium experience placed participants in front of a giant screen depicting hundreds of cartoon fans in a stand, and then a 3-2-1 countdown let them know when to “go crazy” and “bring the energy” as they hyped up the crowd. With the extensive line to get into the NFL Shop right next to Visa’s footprint, participants engaged more than just the animated fans on-screen. Flags of NFL teams draped just above the screen and a Visa-branded end zone carpet completed the stadium feel. (Agency: 160over90)



TCL booth at Super Bowl Experience

Consumers put their live commentating skills to the test alongside sports journalists at the TCL Gameday booth.

Electronics company TCL put fans in the hot seat by giving them the opportunity to call an NFL game alongside sports reporters and analysts Taylor Bisciotti, Mina Kimes, Dan Orlovsky and Tom Pelissero, appearing at different times during the week. The TCL Gameday activation featured a branded anchor desk, microphones and cameras to capture the commentary, which was projected onto TCL TVs around the booth for passersby to watch.



USAA Salute to Service Lounge

USAA served up content in an exclusive lounge in the convention center.

Tucked away in a corner of the convention center, the USAA Salute to Service Lounge hosted military personnel, veterans and their families in a curtained-off space that featured a branded stage and ample couches and chairs to enjoy exclusive panel conversations with popular NFL players. Over two days, Jimmy Garoppolo, T.J. Watt, Rob Gronkowski, Aidan Hutchinson, Tua Tagovailoa, C.J. Stroud, Bijan Robinson and Puka Nacua graced the stage to speak on their careers, signature touchdown celebration moves and more. Navy blue signage around the lounge thanked the military members for their service and promoted USAA’s “all-pro lineup” of insurance and banking products. (Agency: 160over90)



Verizon's Hacks Watch Party

Verizon hosted a “Hacks” Watch Party with Max, and stars Hannah Einbinder and Paul W. Downs broke down scenes from the series.

Verizon took over Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club with a multiday activation that presented a lineup of NFL athletes and stars, in partnership with Netflix and Max. Verizon’s iconic red checkmark logo welcomed attendees into an intimate lounge space, with a red carpet area for photos, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails adorned with branded stirrers, and a courtesy phone charging station.

Upstairs, Verizon Live hosted several nights of panel conversations and content screenings on a red-illuminated, Verizon-branded stage. First up, the Netflix Geeked Kickoff featured producers, creators and actors speaking on and sharing preview clips from the upcoming “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “3 Body Problem” and “Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver.” The second night was hosted in conjunction with Max for a “Hacks” Watch Party, in which stars Hannah Einbinder and Paul W. Downs broke down scenes from season two of the comedy series.

For Verizon presents: “Run the Playlist Live,” fans sat in on a music-themed discussion among NFL players and legends Sauce Gardner, Ed Reed, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Reggie Wayne. DJ Pee .Wee, aka Anderson .Paak, provided beats for the event, which was streamed live on the UNINTERRUPTED YouTube channel. Attendees also had the chance to meet and greet the celebrity guests at these events. (Agencies: Momentum Worldwide, experiential; R&CPMK, p.r.)



Leon Bridges at Bud Light Backyard Tour

Bud Light brought live music performances from Leon Bridges (pictured) and Zach Bryan to The Cosmopolitan.

Official beer sponsor of the NFL, Bud Light treated fans to the Bud Light Backyard Tour, a country and rock music series introduced last summer with a special stop in Vegas for the new year. To kick off Super Bowl weekend, Bud Light tapped country singer Zach Bryan and soul singer Leon Bridges for a concert at The Cosmopolitan’s The Chelsea venue. Fans jumped on the chance to see the two artists perform, with the first round of tickets selling out in under 45 minutes.

Before heading into the show, concertgoers could stop for pictures on a comfy swing in front of a neon Bud Light Backyard Tour sign surrounded by greenery, as well as in front of a Bud Light x Gibson electric guitar in a blue-illuminated glass case. While many attendees showed up in trendy Western attire, a hat bar was on-site to elevate looks with custom cowboy hats adorned with feathers, belts and ribbons, all available for purchase. Post-show, on their way out of The Chelsea, attendees could pick up a free concert poster to commemorate the experience.



Football players at the Rush After Dark party

The Marriott Bonvoy x Visa Rush After Dark party brought celebrity guests and djs to the Aria’s Jewel Nightclub.

The hotel brand launched several experiences and touchpoints for Super Bowl weekend, including transforming a suite at Allegiant Stadium into a Courtyard hotel room, where VIP contest winners stayed the night before the Big Game and woke up ready to cheer for their team on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Marriott Bonvoy x Visa Rush After Dark party, curated by Canadian artist and creative director La Mar Taylor, took place at the Aria’s Jewel Nightclub. On their way into the exclusive party, attendees passed by four men outfitted in black Marriott Bonvoy x Visa-logoed football uniforms and helmets stationed on a white couch in front of an ombre branded backdrop. While enjoying dj Chantel Jeffries’ opening set and a headlining performance by Kaytranada, partygoers could get in line to spin the Marriott Bonvoy wheel for a chance to win gift cards and hotel-themed prizes. (Agency: 160over90)



Ashley House in Las Vegas

Ashley House offered a pop-up shop and performances at Resorts World Las Vegas. (Image credit: Ashley)

Ashley House set up shop at Dawg House Saloon and Sportsbook inside Resorts World Las Vegas, allowing consumers to experience Ashley furniture firsthand and relax in a game day-ready lounge. They could try out sofas and recliners ahead of the Big Game and live shop Ashley’s new leather collection and products featured within the venue via QR codes. Additionally, participants took part in merch giveaways and photo moments. Who could miss Ashley’s larger-than-life house-shaped logo at the activation’s entrances?

In the evenings, Ashley programmed a schedule of intimate musical performances by country music artists Cooper Alan, ERNEST and HARDY. Following the weekend, Ashley donated all furniture from Ashley House to local first responders. Learn more about Ashley’s biggest activation yet in our case study here. (Agency: FlyteVu)

For agency credits or questions related to Super Bowl LVIII coverage, email Juanita Chavarro Arias at [email protected].

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