Setting records nets big publicity – Event Marketer

Setting records nets big publicity – Event Marketer

Setting records nets big publicity

Even the most elaborate publicity events can fall flat if the hook isn’t worth nibbling on. Adding a Guinness World Record attempt to your program can not only entice fickle journalists to attend it can expand the types of publications and news outlets that might otherwise not bite on your event. To learn more about how it’s done we tapped Reading UK-based The Circle Agency (in June it executed a Guinness World Record event for video game company EA) and the folks at Guinness World Records for some insight.

When EA wanted to stir up buzz for its rock-themed Brutal Legend video game at the Download hard rock festival in the United Kingdom June 12-14 it set out to break the Guinness World Record for the most air guitarists rocking out at one time.

PeopleOne of the biggest challenges for the brand was to make sure enough people registered to participate in the record- breaking attempt. To lure in a sizeable crowd the team used as bait popular dj Christian Stevenson from Kerrang! Rock Radio. He did his act from the EA Hub kit (used throughout the year at events) which features a stage and individual gaming stations. On Friday night brand ambassadors started spreading news of the world record attempt via posters fliers and word of mouth. On Saturday EA conducted a Guinness World Record registration and counted 440 participants with official wristbands beating out the original record of 319. At 5 p.m. on the dot Welsh rock band Block Out (more bait) led the air guitarists in their mission.

“We got great pick up from the Guinness World Record attempt ” says Kevin Flynn UK product manager at EA. “It was covered on a number of media outlets including MTV websites and the national newspaper in the UK called the Daily Mirror.”

Companies interested in breaking a record of their own can start by visiting The user-friendly website has a section titled “GWR: A Unique PR Opportunity” that is geared towards brands. There a company can disclose what kind of record it has in mind and request (not guaranteed) that an adjudicator (Guinness representative) be present at the event.

“We receive more than a 1 000 applications every week from hopeful record breakers around the world ” says Andrea Banfi head of adjudications at Guinness World Record. “If they’re not looking for added p.r. marketing value or having a Guinness World Record adjudicator on site to verify the result they can submit their own material but for businesses and brands our adjudication service is in high international demand.” Every year Guinness adjudicators travel all over the world to record record-breaking achievements.

Once the adjudication process is selected a representative contacts the company with additional details. The package includes dedicated support in finding the right record for an event and help adhering to the guidelines. The adjudicators are available for interviews before during or after the event. The cost depends on the location and the proposed record but it’s an average of $3 000.   em

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