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KFC Connects With Office Workers Through Smell

Forget sight sound and touch. There’s only one sense that guarantees to lead directly to taste and that’s smell. KFC is drawing on its most reliable strength its recognizable scent to get office workers excited about its $2.99 Deal Meals—a plated meal including KFC’s chicken a side item and a biscuit.

Its first-ever “scent-focused” pilot program teamed KFC with corporate mailrooms in a variety of cities sending along $2.99 Deal Meals along with the interoffice envelopes and overnight deliveries during pre-lunch mail drops. The idea was born in the KFC offices. “Whenever our food innovation group brings food up to one of our conference rooms everybody stands up and looks over the walls of their cubes or pokes their heads around the corners because as soon as you smell it it has an impact on you,” says Rick Maynard a KFC spokesperson.

KFC first fed the mailroom staff and then sent them through the offices delivering the meals to all employees. “It was the same sort of reaction as we got at KFC offices,” Maynard says. “You could see people poking their head out as the cart went by.”

Photo courtesy: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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