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2023 IT List: Q&A with Infinity Marketing Team

Infinity Pedro

Pedro Tristao Ferreira

How do you describe your company?

Infinity Marketing Team is an award-winning, fully integrated experiential marketing, event, and promotion agency. We’re storytellers, fervently weaving narratives tailored to breathe life into each client’s unique vision through bespoke, story-driven campaigns catered to the unique brand objectives of each client.

Describe your agency — what makes it unique and how are you different from the competition?

We are trailblazers, seeking out the uncharted terrains of branding narratives, ensuring that the  experiences we create are not just another brand campaign, but roaring epics that stand the test of time. Our team is a diverse blend of incredible people whose experiences, backgrounds, and insights fuel our innovative spirit and allow us to step into the uncharted, constantly pushing the envelope to craft tales that stand apart in the world of brand narratives.

What are your core strengths and how are you using them to serve your clients right now?

The beating heart of our agency is our passion for creative storytelling. Stories have the profound ability to touch souls, evoke emotions, and create lasting impressions. This underlying ‘why’ drives our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Every project, regardless of its size or budget, is approached with unwavering dedication and innovation.

What new capabilities are you offering that will help meet clients’ current pain points?

We’re constantly pushing and innovating our storytelling approach to evolve with an ever-changing landscape. From branded video games and immersive dome content, to variety game shows and engaging keynotes, we break the mold by focusing on genuine human connection through powerful and engaging stories. In a world overflowing with content, our audience’s time is their most precious resource, and our goal is to create inspiring connections by delivering experiences that are not just consumed, but cherished.

What is your company’s sustainability practice? What do you want clients to know?

Our sustainability efforts extend beyond just environmental consciousness to encompass workplace equality, work-life balance, and fostering positive impacts inside our company and through our work. Sustainability, in our eyes, is a blend of ecological responsibility, company retainment and growth, and personal harmony.

Given your agency’s successes, what approach and philosophy do you take to business?

We believe in the power of storytelling. Since the beginning of time, stories have been the heartbeat of civilizations, passing down morals, values, celebrations, and memories. Whether it’s through immersive experiences, games, or films, our focus is to continue weaving tales that create and inspire authentic human connections.

Advice you’re giving clients on how to win big this year?

Craft genuine stories. Build relatable bridges with your audience, respect their intelligence, and dare to innovate. Engage with your audience in dialogues, not monologues. In today’s competitive and transparent landscape, authentic connection is the key to lasting brand relevance.

What are you seeing out in the field that inspires you?

Experiential Marketing has proven to have limitless possibilities that inspire us to blend diverse storytelling mediums. From applied sciences to the rhythm of music and animation, we at Infinity Marketing craft harmonious connections between content and audience. The shared passion and unity of our team drive our innovation. We embrace inspiration from abstract sources—be it the elegance of architecture, the marvels of technology, or the allure of animation. Our continuous exploration, spanning from fine art to emerging artists and musicians, helps us forge unique narratives and partnerships.

What do your long-time clients say about you? Why do they come back year after year?

Our long-standing clients frequently highlight our palpable passion and dedication as a defining trait. This energy doesn’t just animate our work; it inspires and creates confidence in our clients. They’re trusting us to walk side-by-side with them on this collaborative journey, painting their brand visions with vibrant hues of creativity and authenticity. Each campaign has immense potential to not only innovate, but to connect. Our commitment is to make every venture a seamless, collaborative journey that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible into what’s never been done before. It’s this blend of passion, dedication, imagination, and innovation that keeps our partners returning, year after year.


Pedro Tristao Ferreira
Executive Creative Director
[email protected]

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