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2023 IT List: Q&A with Industria Creative

Industria Creative Anthony Larrisey

Anthony Larrisey

Give us a quick version: How do you describe your company?

Industria Creative is an award-winning, full-service experiential marketing agency – we create dynamic brand experiences by merging marketing, art, and technology. We’re queer-owned and women-led; and 80% of our team represent individuals from marginalized communities.

Industria’s Clients include some of the most globally-recognized brands in lifestyle, streetwear, fashion, fragrance, beauty, prestige spirits, entertainment, and technology. Which means we have the good fortune to partner with Dom Pérignon, YSL Beauty, Google, Max, FX, Old Navy, and Armani Beauty – to name a few.

What does creative development and strategic planning look like for Industria?

We’ve never subscribed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing, so we’ve developed a 4-part process we call ‘Focused Creativity’ to translate business challenges into powerful experiences:

  • JUMPSTART: We do our homework – gather information and insight, conduct research, tackle challenges, ask questions, and identify opportunities.
  • FREESTYLE: Through brainstorming we generate ideas and ultimately solutions – along the way crafting a narrative with a clear point-of-view that positions our user at the center of the story.
  • CREATE: We bring creative concepts to life and enable users to engage with the brand – it’s where ideas become reality and emotional connections are fostered.
  • ACHIEVE: Our activations are designed to deliver on business objectives. We have proven methodologies in place to measure ROI, as we continually learn and build best practices.

What makes Industria different from the competition?

Undoubtedly our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Accessibility practice which develops campaigns for BIPOC, AAPI and Latinx + Hispanic audiences; as well as the Queer, Disability, and Body Positivity communities – heightening culturally relevant conversations and often implementing social change.

This, we believe, comes from a true understanding not only of the importance of diversity ethically, but of the value diversity brings to our clients. Beyond everyone deserving a seat at the table, we know that new voices and different perspectives only enrich the work we do, empowering our Clients to make authentic, relevant connections with their audiences. Our bottom line: cool people make cool work.

What does it mean to be innovative? What would you share with others?

Innovation is crucial to original thinking, and we can all achieve it in myriad ways – challenge norms, break comfort zones, collaborate with new people, experiment, trust yourself,  make time for creative thinking, get outside and look around!

My work with students at NYU + Fordham University also fuels innovation – keeping ahead of the next generation of marketers is an exercise in human behavior, pop culture and thinking beyond the obvious.

Finally, as a marketer, it’s important to recognize that innovation can go beyond creativity. Innovation can be fueled by empathy, language, culture, tradition, and opening one’s mind to the experiences of others!

What do your long-time clients say about you? Why do they come back year after year?

We’ve created a roster of highly-valued Client partners from myriad industries whose ethos, objectives, and aesthetic align with ours. We see our clients as true partners, who appreciate the value in our approach, share in its belief system, and recognize how it positively impacts the work we collectively do.

For example, our Showtime client describes us as “Unbelievably great to work with – professional, organized, committed, and kind.”  Marriott describes: “They kept the program together as elements were added, changed or removed… responsive to suggestions, open minded, welcomed new ideas…a true collaboration!” And perhaps the overall connection we enjoy with clients is best described by our Max Client – Industria Creative is “Simply the best.”


Anthony Larrisey
Principal + Creative Director
[email protected]

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