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Nissan Launch Features Immersive ‘Star Wars’ Sequence

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Year: 2017

It’s pretty much every brand’s dream to collaborate with an iconic film franchise that spans the generations. So when Nissan teamed up with Lucas Films at the Los Angeles Auto Show for the international launch of the Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition vehicle, the brand knew it had to do something epic. And it delivered with a never-been-done-before press event featuring a choreographed action sequence combining media, lighting and special effects that transported thousands of auto journalists into the world of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

The highlight of the experience featured myriad special effects, as the Nissan Rogue was battle-tested on a high-speed, programmatic turntable positioned on a stage. The turntable moved in sync with a film trailer-style “Star Wars” sequence presented on a 60-foot LED screen surrounding the stage. To merge the physical and digital worlds, Nissan used a synchronized motion technique that matched the rotation of the turntable with the movie footage, creating an immersive experience that made attendees feel as if they were part of the scene. With all of the show’s elements combined, including pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke, authentic “Star Wars” audio and even a team of Stormtroopers, the brand was able to captivate both the live audience and thousands more viewing the event online.

The experience also included a 21-foot replica TIE Fighter, cognitive reality technology and a gallery featuring real “Rogue One” film props. Following the launch, video footage of the event was viewed online over one million times. The Force is strong with this brand.

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