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Youth Marketing: Bandai Characters Hit The Road For Summer Job Tour

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Three characters from Tamagotchi the virtual pet tech toy brand are hitting the road this summer in search of real-life summer jobs.

Brand ambassadors outfitted as Mametchi Memetchi and Kuchipatchi—who in the lore of the virtual pet world originated on another planet and are learning about the U.S. for the first time—are traveling the country to try out jobs at high-traffic areas where kids and fans can watch them such as baseball stadiums zoos theme parks malls and beaches. The tour kicked off on July 4 and ends Labor Day weekend in Toronto at the Canadian National Exhibit where the characters will try their hands as vendors and ticket-takers. Most recently the trio appeared in a Dallas mall where they operated a carousel and worked as vendors for a snack bar in the food court.

“What’s great about this experience and this tour is that it really echoes the play pattern of the toy itself ” Jessica Wells assistant marketing manager for Bandai told Buzz. “The most recent version of the toy the version 4 and 4.5 focus on having the character gain certain skills. It is sort of like mentoring your pet through the stages of life such as going to school and becoming an adult. We wanted to bring the experience of picking your favorite career or growing up to be what you want to be come to life for the Tamagotchi characters.” Agency: Mr. Youth New York City.


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