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Palm Connects With City Chase Participants

Palm is connecting with participants in this year’s City Chase races (in eight cities across the U.S.) by providing its Palm Centro smartphones to help them navigate the race via SMS and other features. The U.S. series (City Chase is a global event) kicked off in Philadelphia earlier this month followed by stops next month in San Diego and San Francisco.

“The event lets Palm put the product into both participants and the public’s hands on the streets in key cities ” Tamra White senior event manager at Palm told Buzz. “Plus it develops and executes a cross-functional marketing program including p.r. events promotions web and carrier marketing.”

In teams of two participants face physical intellectual and humorous challenges. One example: A team member was locked in a cell in the state penitentiary in Philly; other team members sent out a text with the break out code. Winners of the U.S. series get to compete in the world championships this year in Marrakech Morocco.

At the kick-off in Philly Palm set up a booth where participants could pick up their smartphones. The phones were equipped to allow participants to access the web maps and directions texting and calling. Participants also utilized Palm’s video photos and email to capture landmarks like the Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. Once captured participants emailed the videos/photos to a specific address to earn a ChasePoint.
To emphasize Palm’s photo capabilities it dispatched the Palm Paparazzi (fedoras and all) to snap pictures of participants and the crowd. Folks were given a card to retrieve the photo online. Participants were also given store locator cards on site— also available on the City Chase event website.


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