How Women in Event Marketing Stay Cool and Confident – Event Marketer

How Women in Event Marketing Stay Cool and Confident – Event Marketer
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How Women in Event Marketing Stay Cool and Confident

Women in event marketing are a pretty confident lot, however, even the most self-assured can occasionally feel a twinge of panic before speaking at a conference or addressing the executive board. Following are six shareworthy tips from Event Marketer’s 2015 Class of Women in Event Marketing. (You can read our special report in the August issue.)

1. Smile and breathe deeply.

Seems pretty obvious, but it always seems to work for this marketing exec at a major technology company. She also advises women not to panic when things have a tendency to go wrong. So whatever the situation, stay calm, take a deep breath, then flash those pearly whites.

2. Pray.

This marketing specialist at one of the car brands taps into her spiritual side for a boost before a big moment. “I pray, then I listen to music that pumps me up and gets me excited, the Beastie Boys, or any other upbeat music,” she says. “Being able to step out of the moment and the anxiety, to center myself is the best course for me.”

3. Laugh a little.

When your confidence is sagging, there’s nothing like a little levity to lift your spirits says an event marketer at an electronics brand. “I will either listen to a video that I took of my daughter, or to very loud music, or I’ll watch a silly video from a ‘Seinfeld’ episode, simply because I work in a very tense environment, and usually when I complete the meeting, I leave sometimes feeling deflated, or just stressed,” she says. “So I feel like going in with a positive outlook helps minimize the effect of it. I can go in with a happy feeling. It is something so simple, but it builds my confidence and makes me feel I can do this, no matter what the outcome is.”

4. Be prepared.

Just like the Boy Scouts have been saying since 1907, at least two of our women rely on this tried and true tactic to keep their confidence levels high. “If I am prepared, and I know I am prepared, it is easier for me even if I get that question out of left field, to be confident, even when responding that I have to get back to you on it,” says a marketer at one of the technology companies.

A woman in another high-tech company often locks herself in a conference room to prepare and practice. “Prepare so you know everything and practice your key talking points. You’re going to get questions you can’t prepare for, so you just need to know your business,” she explains

5. Take two deep breaths, then Snapchat!

“I put my two feet on the ground, take two deep breaths, then send some Snapchats,” says this busy event marketer. Hey, whatever works.

6. Remember, you’re the expert.

“You need to realize a lot of the time, you are presenting to your peers, and you need to realize that you come to the table with expertise as well,” says this digitally savvy event marketer. “There’s a reason why you were asked to be present. You must know something the others don’t know. Take confidence in being the expert.”

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