Skyy Vodka Kicks Off Cross Country Taste Test - Event Marketer

Skyy Vodka Kicks Off Cross Country Taste Test – Event Marketer

Skyy Vodka Kicks Off Cross Country Taste Test

Skyy is so convinced its new 100 percent real fruit Infusions vodkas are the best-tasting flavored vodkas on the market that its inviting customers to try out the competition. Skyy Infusions’ Go Natural campaign—the biggest launch in the brand’s 16-year history—kicks off its mobile tour on April 1 in San Francisco. The touring vehicle a branded Airstream with a fully-staffed bar and patio on the roof will host on and off-premise taste tests samplings bartender education events and trade functions in cities where regulations allow. Consumers will be invited to try one of Skyy’s new all-natural flavors (citrus cherry passion fruit raspberry and grape) along with a competitor vodka. In cities where alcohol can’t be served the staff will distribute branded non-alcoholic passion fruit-flavored tasting strips.

The brand hopes that by getting as many influencers as possible to experience its fruity flavor the tour will drive preference over the competition.

“Because this is a new category we felt it was very important for us to educate retailers bartenders and consumers ” Kirsten Van Sickle Infusions brand manager told Buzz. “We felt the best way to do that was to get out there and take the show on the road.”

The tour travels to 16 cities including Atlanta Boston Chicago Cleveland and New York before it wraps up May 31 in Miami. The integrated effort includes a print and online ad campaign. Agency: Pierce Portland ME.


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