Sensodyne Dental Health Spa Hits the Highways - Event Marketer

Sensodyne Dental Health Spa Hits the Highways – Event Marketer

Sensodyne Dental Health Spa Hits the Highways

GlaxoSmithKline’s Sensodyne brand is on the road for 23 weeks this summer, bringing an educational message about dental health to 11 high-traffic festival and fair events from May to October. It is traveling in a custom gooseneck trailer staffed by dental hygienists who will meet one-on-one with consumers to answer questions and offer advice about how to prevent future problems.

Many consumers still fear a visit to the dentist, and even for those who don’t, dental care is still a pretty personal experience. So Sensodyne set out to be as accessible as possible while still guarding the privacy of the 100,000 consumers the brand hopes to interact with at each tour stop. The sides of the vehicle are lined with several four-and-a-half-foot square windows made of tinted, tempered glass. The panels let enough light through to intrigue passersby but don’t expose the folks sitting with the hygienists. Inside, the space is roomy, with just a few private consultation stations, air conditioning and comfy seating.

“We wanted to bring the dental professionals out to meet consumers and help educate them about tooth sensitivity and how Sensodyne can help,” Katya Dimitrova, brand manager at Sensodyne, told Buzz. “Every step of the way is about education, to get consumers to see the hygienists and not be fearful about that, and not have it feel like going to the dentist.” Agency: Mosaic XM, Irving, TX. Vehicle design/build: Turtle Transit, Lancaster, MA.

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