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Fox Archives - Event Marketer

August 24, 2016

Fox Recruits ‘X-Files’ Fans with a UFO Crash Landing

When a 16-foot-tall UFO flying saucer “crashed” into The Grove, the retail and entertainment complex in Los Angeles, the p.r. stunt caught the attention of shoppers and motivated fans to come see it for themselves. This socially shareable moment was exactly what Fox wanted to achieve in promoting the return of “The X-Files” after a...

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December 8, 2015

Fox Unleashes Live Penguins to Promote ‘Ice Age’ DVD

Even though Ice Age was already a major motion picture smash, you never know when the media will give a home-video release a luke-warm reception. Los Angeles-based Paradigm heated things up with an interesting p.r. campaign that scheduled live penguin appearances on national and local television stations to promote the new DVD. News outlets were...

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October 21, 2015

Fox’s Gotham Zip Line Teases TV Series at Comic-Con

Ask any attendee at Comic-Con if they wished they could be a real-life super hero and most would probably say yes. Fox helped fulfill this near universal fantasy by giving conference attendees the chance to fly like a super hero, and then share the experience with friends. To tease the premiere of “Gotham,” a crime TV...

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