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What Women in Events Have to Say About the Industry

Women in event marketing think of themselves as “strong,” “passionate,” “warriors,” “magic makers.” Those are just a few of the words they used to describe themselves in the upcoming edition of Event Marketer’s Women in Event Marketing special report.

The women we profile in the issue are a vocal lot, with plenty to say about how to achieve work-life balance, what it takes to be a leader, their greatest professional achievements and much, much more. Here’s just a teaser. Stay tuned for more.

Their best tips for work-life balance were as varied as the women themselves:

“Unbalance is my balance. I’m an all-in kind of person. For the first quarter or half of my career, I have chosen my career, and have had the most unbelievable opportunities and experiences. I don’t know if that is a PC answer, but it works for me,” says a senior director of event marketing and strategy at a major digital company.

Others carve out time for themselves and family and stick to it:

“Don’t schedule over it, learn to plan around it and respect your needs to replenish, and those around you will learn to respect it as well,” says a marketing development specialist for a car brand.

The women didn’t hesitate when it comes to the qualities they admire in a leader:

“Empathy. Leaders must empathize with their team and manage them the way they want to be managed. That can’t happen without empathy,” says a digital brand manager for a beverage company.

“Someone who puts people first, is humble and maintains their integrity,” says a vp at a technology services provider.

And their top professional tools? Besides Event Marketer and eventmarketer.com, of course, they said:

“My Ringly,” says an automotive marketer.

Don’t know what that is? Neither did we.

“Snapchat,” says another digital brand manager. “It’s a great content creation tool and is becoming a communications tool.”

And, of course, the smartphone got a lot of mentions, too.


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