How Street Art Is Inspiring Events And Fostering Consumer Connections

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How Street Art Is Inspiring Events And Fostering Consumer Connections

The street art trend gained fame last year thanks to Banksy, the graffiti artist and provocateur whose spray-painted images and installations had Manhattanites taking selfies and tweeting about them for an entire month as they popped up mysteriously throughout New York City’s boroughs. Love it or hate it, the trend is one that marketers are hopping on as a way to connect with savvy urbanites.

Street art comes in many forms and often involves cans of spray paint, stencils and stickers. In today’s digital age it can even incorporate video projection, dynamic lighting effects, 3D gizmos and other high-tech touches.

“Street art is the expression of freedom—you can express yourself the way you want,” says Priya Shenoy, marketing manager at Perrier Group, which this fall launched a collection of limited edition Street Art cans and bottles in collaboration with three international street artists, JonOne, Sasu and Kobra. Each artist interpreted the French brand’s signature packaging, including its glass bottles, PET plastic bottles and slim cans. And, taking it to the streets, Perrier commissioned Colossal Media, a New York-based hand painting mural and outdoor advertising company, to create 10 outdoor murals across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago and LA. Perrier’s street art initiative aligns with the company’s brand DNA, where art is a key pillar. The 150-year-old company in the past has supported artists such as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and other global artists.

Check out the stories below for details about this campaign and additional efforts by TD Bank and Cole Haan, which also recently activated marketing programs that incorporated street art. The bank’s Art for Trees campaign raised awareness of the importance of protecting green spaces. For Cole Haan, art was the hook to connect with budding entrepreneurs.


The Street Art Trend:


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