Leveraging the Real Estate Outside Mobile Vehicles – Event Marketer

Leveraging the Real Estate Outside Mobile Vehicles – Event Marketer

Leveraging the Real Estate Outside Mobile Vehicles

Marketers begin to leverage the valuable real estate outside mobile vehicles as much as they do inside spaces

As more companies dive into mobile marketing the onus is on each brand to find a way to differentiate the experience from the competition and keep consumers engaged. The latest trend?

Taking the buzz outside of the truck. When having a pimped-out branded vehicle is no longer enough to entice consumers to come on board creating additional activities around the perimeter of the main event can be just what the doctor ordered. Plus a simplified mobile experience inside the vehicle means less time and fewer resources devoted to setup and takedown.

Three reasons why you can’t ignore the world outside:

The Draw. The exterior footprint pulls people toward and inside the truck. Make sure you’re using the outside to push them inside. The Style Network’s Beauty Bus Tour typically makes stops at malls and other retailers. By setting up activities outside of the RV the brand is able to get the attention of shoppers who might otherwise pass it by.

“It draws people in when they see folks out there and it definitely creates more of an atmosphere ” says Marta Harmon director-marketing and advertising at the Style Network.

The Reach. Not every passer by can commit to stepping inside the truck. Levi Strauss’ Fit Pit experience—which takes place inside a 53-foot double slide-out trailer—engages consumers with tented activities outside of the truck including music and contests. The extra activity is key to attracting and engaging consumers who may not have the time to go through the entire experience.

We wanted to create a dynamic environment on the exterior as well as the interior ” says Steve Woods president of Portland ME-based handling agency emg3. “Even if a person doesn’t come into the [trailer] they can still engage with music or contests outside and get some value and some effective brand experiences.”

Improved Flow. Leveraging space outside of the truck can be a great way to engage consumers when the vehicle itself is filled to capacity. For instance the Style Network’s Beauty Bus tour’s 34-foot RV can only handle minimal traffic inside the vehicle because it features spa stations where consumers can get their hair or makeup done. To engage as many consumers as possible—and to keep those waiting to get inside the RV from getting bored—the brand sets up a lounge area just outside of the vehicle.

It acts as a queuing station and helps us get people in and out ” says Donna Meier senior partner at St. Louis MO-based handling agency Javelin. “It’s a great way to greet the consumer.” In the lounge consumers receive makeup tips and photo ops plus goodie bags. The tactic keeps visitors happy and traffic inside the vehicle manageable.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@introspectivedsgn

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