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You’ve seen #PokemonGo, but have you seen these other #AugmentedReality experiences?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week, you’ve definitely been exposed in someway to the madness Pokemon Go has created. Adults are walking around parks at 1:40 AM on their phones. Highway safety organizations are needing to remind people to stay off their phones while driving. And of course, the internet is bringing us some of our new favorite memes….


Pokemon Go is a national phenomenon bringing a heavy dose of nostalgia to millennials, but it’s also mainstreaming augmented reality technology. We’ve seen AR in many forms throughout the years at events and conventions, but this is the first time AR has had this kind of wide access and popularity. Of course, there have been many other intriguing and successful uses of AR in the past. Below we’ve shared our top AR’s. 


The Weather Channel’s SurgeFX Technology

The Weather Channel is the go-to weather source, and for good reason. This year, to help explain the extremities of hurricane season in Florida, TWC used AR SurgeFX technology to demonstrate the scale of flooding. Seeing a 6 foot tall man standing next to a life-size house and a car submerged in water shows viewers the intensity of the storm better than anything else.


Sephora’s Virtual Artist

Sephora’s Visual Artist app is a dream for beauty lovers. It allows them to test out different products and techniques without ever having to spend time or money. You no longer have to go to the store to see how that lipstrick will look on you. You don’t need to try that contouring palette and wonder if you applied it right. Visual Artist does it all for you.


Fox Espana’s Cinematic AR

The seemingly farfetched idea that fans could have the same experience as their favorite characters was made possible with the use of AR. Fox Espana’s Cinematic AR invited TV fans to a high traffic area of Madrid to be the stars of their favorite shows, including The Walking Dead, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Homeland, and Sleepy Hollow.


Timberland’s Virtual Fitting Room

Have you ever tried on clothes at the mall without ever entering the store? Timberland’s virtual fitting room is a screen placed at the front of the store behind the window that allows passersby can try out various articles of clothing, just by standing in front of the screen. Trying out different outfits has never been so easy.


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