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White Paper: The Key Components of A Successful Sampling Program

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If you’ve ever struggled to get your product into the hands (or mouths) of consumers, chances are you’ve tried, or at the very least, considered a sampling campaign. The notion of handing out free product, and maybe even a discount coupon, would seem to make a lot of sense. Everyone loves a free gift, and presumably some of them will love the product and become loyal customers.

Unfortunately, some brands are turned off by the costs. After all, setting aside a truckload of product, transporting it, and paying staffers to distribute it is not a trivial expense. But as any good marketer knows, the cost is justifiable if the ROI is large enough. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the key considerations for any successful sampling program, whether you’re offering hot coffee to a morning rush hour crowd or sharing a sample of the latest shampoo. Smart execution leads to better results and achievement of your ROI goals! Download the white paper The Key Compontents of a Successful Sampling Program here.

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