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Web Summit 2016 Takeaways

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Since its first conference in 2009, Web Summit has been a major tech event where nearly 30,000 attendees gather to discuss the latest news and trends in web and tech. Keep reading to find out what went at last week's 2016 conference.


No Wifi? Goodbye!

Although not an official topic of the conference, the location change of the conference was big news. The conference was moved to Lisbon from Dublin, as the city could not accommodate the growing number of attendees, and there were many complaints that the wifi in the city was not up to par. Although one major panel had a connectivity issue the first day, the following days saw improved connectivity from previous years events in Dublin.

Facebook Messenger AI for Businesses

Facebook’s VP of Messaging Products David Marcus talked about Facebook’s expanded offerings for companies. Customers can now reach out to a company via messenger. If customers have not responded after 24 hours, the company can pay Facebook to reach back out later via chatbots. Customers have the option of blocking the company if they do not wish to talk.

Second Screen Phenomenon – Twitter vs. Reddit

Although many say twitter is the primary destination for the second screen phenomeneon (using another device such as a smart phone or tablet to enhance the viewing experience), Reddit’s founder Alexis Ohanion’s disagrees. "Hashtags are one of the greatest farces ever foisted upon us. No one follows them during a live event unless you want to see thousands of people shouting 'goal!' at the same time". Ohanion said that second screen source is actually Reddit, as Reddit allows fans to gather at subreddits – a more specific way to view the topic they are searching for (television shows, sports teams). Engagements through upvotes with particular posts also moves them to higher visibliliy. Twitter only allows fans to search through hashtags, but it sorts chronologically and pulls in all incoming tweets, making it more challenging to follow and engage with.


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