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Using Technology to Track & Measure Event ROI

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On the heels of the 5th Annual EventTech conference in Las Vegas, Lesley Pinckney, our SVP of Digital Strategy, shares insights about how brands and agencies should be utilizing modern technology to harness, track and measure event ROI. Lesley presented a similar presentation to a standing room only crowd at the Bellagio on Nov. 3, 2015.

Events can play a major role across any digital marketing mix. From social to mobile to content, data, CRM and audience development—and especially when connecting with millennials—event marketing is an ever-growing, important tool for brands. 

It's not enough to simply host an event. The ability to measure the event after the fact is crucial to evaluating success and planning future events. When thinking about today’s measureable factors—and how to use them to illustrate value—there are four main areas.

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