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Upgrade Your Internal Meetings

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Large-scale company meetings used to be about listening to motivational speeches from top management, playing a few icebreaker games, and running three-legged races with Norm, the rep from Cincinnati. No more.

They've definitely moved beyond just the sales team too. Recent years have shown a spike in internal meetings specifically for finance, HR, marketing and IT departments, and of course senior leadership and top tier management.

Internal meetings are now infinitely more attendee-centric. The perfect internal meeting opens up possibilities for attendees to learn new skills, meet with peers from other areas of the company and the world, and to engage with each other and your brand in a way that strengthens those connections.

In our latest ebriefing: Insights & Ideas for Upgrading Your Internal Meetings, you'll see what it takes to create a successful company meeting.

You'll not only learn how to create a positive attendee experience, but plan opportunities that align employees with corporate direction and goals, to immerse them in the company culture in a way that is collaborative, motivating and fun. Download your copy now!

Author: Kristy Elisano  - Caffeine dependent Jersey girl. Northeast powder hound. Inspired by creative risk takers and underdogs. VP Marketing at Sparks. Doodle owner and cocreator of my daughter.

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