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Top Summer Event Themes

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As we are in the midst of summer here are some fun summer event themes:

Boardwalk Carnival 

Nothing screams summer more than a boardwalk carnival, from the attractions, food and entertainment; this theme is a reinvigorated classic. This creative and endlessly fun event theme can be used at bigger corporate events, as well as smaller parties for all audiences. From the signature eye capturing red and gold colors to the recognizable boardwalk and the delicious food and treats; this theme will have guests not only thoroughly enjoying themselves, but also reliving their fond childhood memories of visiting the boardwalk carnival.

Foreign Destination

No time for an adventurous and memorable overseas vacation? This event theme will bring the vacation to you! There are so many specific destinations you can choose to be the theme, from the UK and Italy to Africa and Japan, or you can have them all in an “around-the-world” theme. This will help create an entertaining and imaginative environment at the event for the attendees, who will be enjoying their temporary foreign destination vacation.

Garden Party

Want an elegant, sophisticated and whimsical event? A garden party is the perfect theme! The beautiful natural scenery and décor with a mix of fresh greenery, bright, colorful flowers and white furniture and accents will draw the eye of all the guests.  With the food and drinks, such as finger sandwiches and tea, complimenting the garden atmosphere, the guests will thoroughly enjoy their time escaping the bustle of the present and being transported back to the simpler past of Victorian England or the old plantation South.


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