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The Why behind Event Attendance and Maximizing it for Greater Event App Engagement

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Thanks to our partners at EventMB, we know some of the real underlying reasons that people want to attend your events. The next step is maximizing engagement with them through your mobile event app to transform their need to attend into a must.

I Feel Alone

Amid the sea of social connectivity in-person contact can fall by the wayside. For those attendees looking to get out and connect with their tribe IRL, an event app is the first lure to getting them out of their office and onto the exhibition floor.  Checking the list of attendees to seeing who they know; potential participants can reach out to people they know or want to know and ensure a warm reception when the alert goes out that they are on site.

I Don’t Want to Be at Work

Even for those who love every aspect of a job, a change of scene can be the remedy to their regular routine.  So how do you equip a critical team member with the right information to justify the time and expense of being away from their office to the powers that be? Engaging collateral describing the benefits from breakouts sessions to cocktail receptions are useful jumping off points for communicating the value of attending to as long as they’re accessible on a variety of devices. Sharing this information through your event app mean that at a click and a swipe, means that in the office, in a meeting or even out to lunch; potential attendees can not only share what the event is about, but also possible networking and partnership opportunities that can be spawned.

I Want to Eat Drink and Have Fun.

Materializing dinner and drinks to you participants at the touch of a button may require a Star Trek quality replicator or a veritable army of catering personnel. Tapping into your participants’ sense of fun doesn’t require a trip into sci-fi or blowing your catering budget on an army of wait-staff. Fostering FOMO through your event app is the perfect means to awaken engage your attendees latent party animals.  Grant access to exclusive content, meet and greets, after-parties, and swag based on their level of engagement. Your attendees get to compete for an “all access pass” and you get unprecedented feedback.

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