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The One Thing You Need to Do for a Successful Expo East

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Expo East in Baltimore, MD, is right around the corner. It’s a lot of work!  We know because we have been staffing it for years. Most companies need an extra hand at their booth.

So how do you find the right booth talent to represent your brand?

Here’s the one thing Productions Plus looks for in trade show talent that always gets great results.  

Only Select Talent Who Are Interested in Your Product

It’s much easier to work with someone who is enthusiastic and genuine than someone who just shows up to get a paycheck.

At Productions Plus, we pay attention to the details to ensure a successful trade show. To find the right fit for a brand, it is essential for our Recruiters to have knowledge of the brand and understand the client’s expectations. Before we begin recruiting, we seek out what is truly important to each client.

P+ will only hire people who have an authentic interest in your industry, products, and services. Their knowledge and excitement will be contagious.

Productions Plus brand ambassadors always need to be outgoing, friendly, warm, and inviting, and they must love talking with people of all ages and backgrounds. For Expo East, we specifically seek out talent who live, eat, and breathe a healthy lifestyle. We also look for talent with a natural sense of curiosity, which is always a good quality for a brand ambassador to have. 

Finding someone who enjoys your products and is in line with your company mission will lead to a more successful show.

Whether it’s Brand Ambassadors, Models, Samplers, Spokespeople, Hosts, Costume Characters, or Presenters, Productions Plus has just what you need for Expo East.

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