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The Best of Rio 2016 Olympics Marketing

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The buzz you’ve heard about the 2016 Olympics was probably about Zika virus, Gisele’s post-retirement modeling appearance, or #PhelpsFace, but you might have missed the 40-foot sculpture in London or the swanky pop-up club in Rio. Keep reading to check out our favorite marketing stunts for this year’s Olympics.

Usain Bolt’s Emojis

Can anyone resist a good emoji add-on? For this year’s Olympics, Puma and Bitmoji partnered to create a series of emoji’s for the fastest man of all time, Usain Bolt. The series features a variety of new emojis, including cartoon versions of the athlete with different facial expressions, as well as him sprinting and “bolting” (his signature pose).


The Lodge Pop-Up

It’s a well known fact that major sporting events mean major partying. Rio saw a massive influx of event and hospitality bookings, so British events organizer Nigel Peters created an exclusive pop-up club to offer a relaxing experience away from the city party madness. Hosted in a white mansion located in a cool Rio neighborhood, The Lodge offers members a variety of activities such as enjoying drinks while watching Olympics events on a big screen or lounging by the pool. Want to experience The Lodge for yourself? Check out the video below!



Nissan’s Die Hard Fan – Nations App

Snapchat filters have rolled out to promote team spirit, stay up to date on medal counts, or turn yourself into a gymnast. It seems the only kind of filter Snapchat is missing is one to dramtically display excited patriotism. But not to worry, Nissan’s Die Hard Fan – Nation’s app allows fans to get the crazy die hard fan face paint to show their support for their favorite country. Plus, fans get to have the crazy patriotic face paint without the trouble of taking it off! Check out the fun below.



Kellogg's #GreatStarts Sculpture

Who’d have thought Kellogg’s greatest Olympics stunt would have happened outside Rio? To promote their #GreatStart campaign, Kellogs executed a 12-foot high, 40-foot long sculpture of Team GB swimmer Rebecca Adlington, appearing in The Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, one of the biggest parks in London. Although this isn’t the first time this has been done, this is certainly our favorite stunt we’ve seen this Olympics season. Watch the video below to see the scope of this massive sculpture in Hyde Park!


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