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The ball that changed the world

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What does a ball made of trash and twine have to do with building global brand awareness and affinity for a US-based car company?

A few years ago a man saw a video of refugee children playing football with a ball made from trash and twine. And he realized that play brings people together.

With that in mind, he invented an indestructible football that would allow more children to come together in play, and launched the One World Play Project.

At the same moment, Chevrolet was seeking to translate its position as a leading US car manufacturer into that of a globally loved brand.

Jack Morton brought the One World Play Project and Chevrolet together for a global philanthropic marketing effort focused on revealing the power of play to transform children’s lives.

What began as a start-up effort to distribute an indestructible football to children in impoverished communities across the globe, attracted interest from dozens of NGOs involved in sport for peace and development.

Suddenly a simple ball was drawing people together to play—and to tackle other serious community issues.

Today, over 1.5 million balls have been donated by Chevrolet and distributed in over 90 countries, touching more than 45 million lives with the power of play.

And people all around the world love Chevrolet.


Our work for Chevrolet and the One World Play project was featured in best-selling author and brand futurist Martin Lindstrom’s latest book, Small Data.

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