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The 5 Key Features of Great Experiential Events

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What are experiential events?

Simply put, an experiential event is a meeting, conference or other gathering where attendees experience your message, rather than just hear it. You could fly all of your salespeople in from around the country, read your notecards at them and get roughly the same results if you just sent them an email with the talking points.

Your event participants’ time is precious. Why waste it—and why waste your money and potential—with an event that doesn’t resonate?

Here are five key features of great experiential events.

1.) Successful Events Build FOMO

At their heart, every event is a marketing tool. And what makes experiential events fun and unique also makes them a great marketing tool for themselves.

When your participants attend your event, they’ll share what they’re doing on their own social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others—and do event marketing for you in the process. And when others see that, they get FOMO.

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