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Stop Comparing Formula E to Formula 1

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Having spent a large part of my career working within Formula 1, I am delighted that my move from McLaren to GMR has given me some valuable exposure to Formula E, a series the motorsport industry has been curiously anticipating in recent years.

This exposure has been from both a brand and rights holder perspective. While it seems an obvious point to make, Formula E is nothing like Formula 1. But therein is the problem. Formula E is continually being benchmarked against what to most is the pinnacle of motorsport.

Alejandro Agag (Formula E CEO) has said himself that they are not trying to compete with Formula 1. Instead, Agag believes the two series can complement each other. Yet everything I read and hear is about how the two compare. Apart from four wheels, a carbon fibre chassis, and some drivers who have previously competed in Formula 1, that is where the similarities end.

From a sports marketing perspective, Formula E is an experiential, socially driven sport that focuses on many aspects outside of traditional motorsport including environmental awareness, sustainability and social interaction.

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