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Stevie Awards Winner: TV ONE Upfront

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Our mission is to create exceptional experiences every day for our clients, their brands, our people, and ourselves. The objectives of our clients guide us in all the work that we do as we strive to improve and evolve the way people and organizations communicate. 

In April 2016, TV ONE - the digital cable and satellite television network partnered with Broadstreet to produce their 2016-2017 Upfront. They have been offering a mix of of lifestyle and entertainment oriented series, documentaries, movies and “Black news” for an African American adult audience since 2004.

Their Upfront served as a showcase for their goals and themes which included defying expectations and proving to its audience that by being authentic, elevating voices, taking risks and putting the story first, “TV One is Black content done right.”

The network enlisted Broadstreet to incorporate its “Represent” branding into a fresh design for the upfront event space. We got to work creating a standing graffiti wall that artists could paint on, live, during the event. The wall would also serve as a vehicle to involve attendees, who answered the question “How do you represent?” by writing their thoughts directly onto it.

The Broadstreet team worked directly alongside members of TV One to create a layout for the event, that featured the graffiti wall front and center  as well as digitally producing a concept for the artwork, featuring images of high profile stars from the network as well as historical African American figures.

With the walls up, the artists went to work, while Broadstreet monitored attendee participation. We are now working with TV One to determine how to bring further value to the colorful and thought provoking upfront artworks, which include display in their corporate headquarters, and sending portions to sponsors who attended the event.

Since the event, our work with TV ONE has been honoured with an award for the Best Exhibition Display, Stand or Feature category in the Stevie Awards 2016. 


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