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Sponsorship Success

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As we assist our clients with finding the appropriate sponsors to activate their brand. Here are some tips to share with everyone.

1. Review the sponsorship deck in details (it should cover, who, what, where, where, and why. And its important to understand 'how' they promote the event and how it affects your brand)

2. Beyond a simple tickets to the event, logo on the marketing material, is there an opportunity to be a more creative sponsor. For one event we came up with the idea for a beauty company to be the restroom sponsor to do a full on beauty bar. The event was catered towards women and the beauty bar was such a phenomenal success. The entire event, you hire women whisper to one another, "have you been to the restroom yet? you have to check it out!"

3. Check out the event's social media and see how they engage their attendees/guests. And if social media is prominent, make sure to negotiate mentions and partnership on social media. If it’s for an event cater to men and your brand targets to men, setting up a giveaway partnership can leverage the event's followers. 

If you need help with creative sponsorship activations, give us a ring!


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