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Social Media at Events

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The 21st century has been defined by the advancements in and increasing use of social media in all aspects of our lives, including at events. More than ever, social media is being used as a strategic tool at events to share information with the attendees and gather information and data for the client and production team.

With this growing trend of social media at events, more and more events, such as South by Southwest, have been creating apps that are tailored to events. These apps make the event more accessible to the people there as well as the people who are not, with a variety of capabilities from live streaming and posting to receiving exclusive event updates. All this activity can then be monitored and tracked by the client and production team using data gathering programs. Social media at events also allows vendors and brands to connect with the attendees, as well as attendees to connect with other attendees.

There are so many cool and creative things that can be done that will effectively incorporate the guests and social media. Some ideas include Instagram picture and caption contests as well as Twitter hashtag contests. This will not only provide your guests with a fun and engaging activity but also generate lots of buzz about the event on social media.

In the end, social media was bound to have a strong presence at events and so far it is turning out to be a complete win-win.

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