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Seven Steps to Get Started With Measuring Your Trade Show Booth

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Like the world’s great mysteries, unlocking the secret to why exhibiting at a trade show is such an important part of the marketing mix is no easy task. We know that there is tremendous value in brand experience. But most trade show booth managers are strapped for time, overloaded, and often wearing many hats. Figuring out an exhibit measurement plan is not high on the priority list.

But it should be.

Being able to accurately point to metrics that prove the value of what you do can help you defend or grow your exhibiting budget, increase internal support, and show positive impact on your organization’s overall business goals. And here’s the good news: getting started with exhibit measurement doesn’t have to be difficult. Use this checklist to tap into many resources you probably already have, so you can quickly and easily build the trade show booth measurement report of your dreams.



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