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Samsung HVAC Roadshow Offers Unique Experience

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FreemanXP is a leading worldwide agency who designs interactive and immersive experiences that inspire people to take action. Craftsmen Industries partnered with FreemanXP to bring a design and concept to life with the Samsung HVAC roadshow. 

Samsung HVAC recently acquired a company called Quietside and is on a mission to create brand awareness within the HVAC market. As a result, Samsung HVAC launched their first roadshow event in the United States. Beginning in Miami, FL in March 2016, the 53-ft double expandable trailer will hit the road and visit over 55 cities within a three-month timeframe, ending in Los Angeles, CA. 

The Samsung HVAC roadshow offers a unique opportunity to experience Samsung’s industry changing technology first-hand. The open-air layout of the trailer interior allows current and future distributors to become familiar and informed on the Samsung HVAC products that are hitting the market. This roadshow brings the products to the distributors and allows them to physically touch the products.

The expandable trailer will travel around demonstrating the latest and greatest in ductless WIFI and DVM technology. Both local reps and reps from the Samsung Headquarters in Korea will be onsite to answer questions about the products.

Check out the video of the unit in action! 


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