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Road Warriors: At Home in Hotels

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Anyone in the events industry knows that travel is an inevitable part of the job. We've got dozens of event veterans on staff who hit the road all the time, so they know what it takes to make the most out of work travel. We picked their brains, gathered the best tips and tricks, and are passing their knowledge to you.

If you've spent time traveling for work, it's safe to assume you've stayed in your fair share of hotels. The best practices our in-house road warriors have come up with are relevant for any traveler, whether it's your annual family trip or your 100th night on the road this year. Read our top tips for making yourself at home in hotels:

Keep an eye out for more upcoming travel tips in our Road Warriors series. For more industry insider knowledge, check out the rest of Opus Agency's collection of infographics. Or, download a copy of this edition to share with your colleagues: 


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