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Retrospective: How Brick and Mortar Retailers Laid the Foundation for Experiential

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As brands looked to their storefronts to compete with online retailers in the 90s and early 2000s, they created more inspirational and impactful shopping experiences that helped shoppers identify with their products. Marketers noticed, and took the concept to the streets.

The Growth of Design Literacy

Consumers have become much more aware of design over the last decade, demanding more beautifully designed products and environments than ever before. Why is the general public more well-versed in design now than in the past? With the proliferation of well-designed retail stores and restaurants, consumers are immersed in it, and this has raised the bar and reset the expectations for what people want from a retail or shopping experience.

Good design in our collective built environment is everywhere in a way it wasn’t just twenty years ago. There are other factors that have brought the appreciation and understanding of ‘design’ into the mainstream – the popularity of home improvement shows, design competition based reality shows and real estate makeover shows and new media. All these things have exposed people to great design. Focusing on the origins of and pervasiveness of good design in our everyday experiences can help us leverage the power of the built environment to influence consumer feelings.

Redefining the Shopper Experience in the Internet Age

Stores were not always this interesting or engaging. What happened?

Read the rest of the article to learn more about the history of environmental design at retail and how that laid the blueprint for experiential marketing. 


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