What do I need?

An event app that enables organizers to predict their attendees’ pain points and soothe them before they even happen with the best UX possible. The beauty of augmenting  your trade show, meeting, or conference this way is that it will cater to your participants wants and needs before they event want or need. 

Who Am I Going to Sit With?

Even the most outgoing executives have a moment of pause when entering a room full of strangers feels like your middle school cafeteria. In the run-up to the event in app messaging not only gives attendees the ability to make acquaintances, but to forge relationships and business opportunities. When they arrive, their contacts will be alerted that their onsite and awkward moments will be minimized.

Is This Just Between Us?

When communicating thoughts and ideas with fellow conference-goers, some people want to share with a select few, while others are committed to shouting them across social media platforms. The option of a private network to connect on and a private chat to share on means they can have an open and stress free exchange.

Where Am I Going?

Rather than fumbling through floor maps, exhibitor directories and conference agendas, the app provides clear communications of where and when to go and who is where onsite will enable attendees to cut through the clutter with a click or a swipe app users have all that at their fingertips.

What Deserves My Attention?

With most executives working while attending events their attention is fractured between running their business and growing it. The best event app is tuned into your attendees wants and needs. Suggesting seminars, breakout sessions and networking opportunities that will not only expose them to new people, but to expansive ideas that will benefit their own development and the growth of their businesses. On the flip-side the app also selectively edits out information that may not fit with their immediate and long term goals.

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