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PepsiCo NSPIRE Kitchen on Wheels Hits the Road

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Craftsmen recently partnered with PepsiCo’s Global Design Group via Pushstart Creative to develop a design-centric kitchen trailer that highlights PepsiCo’s new Spire technology, a touchscreen, automated soda fountain proprietary to PepsiCo.

A complex combined effort among many partners, Pushstart Creative organized the charge and placed Craftsmen in the lead fabricator role. Other major contributors were Karim Rashid, Inc. who managed the overall design; American Specialty Cars (ASC) who managed the surfacing refinement and fiberglass creation; PepsiCo Engineering Group who managed the Spire equipment and system needs and Fuse who managed the needs of the PepsiCo Culinary Group throughout the build and continues to manage the day to day operations of the tour.

Craftsmen was tasked as the engineering lead for the complex solutions required to accommodate all involved partners and additionally for design and build of the trailer systems. This responsibility includes the power supply, LP, plumbing, appliances, fire suppression, California kitchen code compliance, audio/visual integration and all custom structure required to pull the exterior body panels to the underlying structure. Additionally, Craftsmen’s print shop, utilizing GMG Color Matching technology, was relied upon for PepsiCo color management and the printing and application of all graphics. 

At each stop across the country, consumers are able to enjoy unique culinary recipes created by the company’s premier chefs featuring products from PepsiCo’s vast food portfolio (Sabra Spicy Hummus Turkey Chili, Mountain Dew Zesty Chicken Wings, Doritos Loaded, Sabra Skinny Greek Layered Dip) as well as nearly 500 variations of refreshing, customizable drinks made from the state-of-the-art, touchscreen fountain beverage dispenser. The following flavors are included: Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Brisk Iced Tea and SoBe Lifewater, and an assortment of zero-calorie flavor shots, including cherry, lemon, vanilla and strawberry. 

Craftsmen modified the unit to include a restaurant-quality kitchen, uniquely-shaped serving window, and an exterior branded graphics package. Consumers are encouraged to share photos of the vehicle using #NSPIRE on Twitter and Facebook. 

Check out a timelapse of the project here! 


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