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Organized Guerrilla: That’s No Oxymoron, Moron

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Not to be too blunt, but it’s about time someone said it! Being big proponents of Guerrilla Marketing and its proven success, this is a subject matter that we feel very strongly about and we’d like to set the record straight. 

Guerrilla Marketing is a strategic form of marketing.

The term “Guerrilla” may be defined as actions or events that are impromptu, but this certainly does not mean that Guerilla Marketing is as well. In fact, there is a lot of strategic planning and organization that goes behind Guerrilla Marketing campaigns so that they give off the appearance to the target audience that they are in fact “guerrilla” in nature. To better explain, here are some of the key elements in creating a successful Guerrilla Marketing program: 

Location – Just because your idea to promote your new product launch via “random” crop circles around the country may seem innovative, does not mean that it will be the most effective – and you’ll probably tick off a lot of hard working farmers in the process! Just like any form of marketing, if your target audience is not there, then you’ve already lost points on the Effective & Efficient Test. The goal is to reach as many of the target consumers as possible given your resources.


Message – With Guerilla Marketing, it’s key that your message is clear and to the point. Though there are numerous forms of Guerrilla Marketing; many of them can be smaller in size and are only seen in passing – think Wild Poster Postings or Sidewalk Chalk Stencils. Consumers are constantly on the go and the goal is to, well…get them to stop! The more attention grabbing and clear your message is, the more consumers you’ll get to stop and interact with your campaign.


Placement – How is this different than location you might ask? It’s very different. Placement is much more precise. It’s one thing to find the general area (i.e. region, city, etc.) where your target audience is located, but it’s another to reach them where they live, work, play, and pray. To make your campaign successful, you need to strategically place your Guerrilla Marketing tactic on precise street corners, in specific neighborhood venues, and on particular scaffolding walls where you are 100% confident that your target audience will see your message.


So remember when you’re planning your next Guerrilla Marketing campaign, the more strategic planning there is behind it, the more effective the campaign will ultimately be. Be proactive; don't be a moron.

Do you want to see examples of Guerrilla Marketing? Click here to see some of Moderne’s work! To contact Moderne for more info, click here.


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