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Nationwide Event Staffing Agency Tips

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ATN Promo - Ranked a top choice Nationwide event staffing agency for over 14+ years now.

In the last 14 years we’ve proudly served hundreds of clients while providing fun and exciting jobs for tens of thousands of people.

As a premier nationwide event staffing agency, we want to provide our clients with as much value as possible.

Whether you have a strategic nationwide event staffing agency partner like ATN or you do it on your own, here are some of the best practices stay ahead of the pack.

Proprietary GPS Check in/out System 

In 2016 ATN promo launched a much needed GPS check in/out service for our clients. This effective tool allows our account team to see where staff are in relation to start and end times and if they are close to the event site if they haven’t arrived yet.

Make Sure Your Staff are Covered

Within recent years, all of our staff are W-2 employees, NOT independent contractors.

This helps you by providing greater protection in the field from an insurance standpoint. It guarantees all labor laws are followed and our staff are paid quickly, keeping them happy and motivated.

As a nationwide event staffing agency, we are exposed to many things that can happen across the country on a given weekend at various events. Great insurance coverage is critical.

Whether your staff are IC’s or W2’s, comprehensive insurance coverage is a must have.

Having Security In Quality Staffing For Short Notice Events And Remote Location Staffing

Experiential marketing events take place everywhere, from tiny town USA to the big apple and everywhere in between.

The event industry moves fast, and more events are taking place with less lead time to prepare.

Without a diverse and large pool of talent to pull from, it will be difficult if not impossible to successfully execute last minute requests, especially in smaller markets.

Waiting until you have an event location then recruiting is not the best way to go about things. Chances are you’ll be scrambling like my eggs on a Sunday morning.

Instead, always be recruiting.

This means dedicating somebody to spend their entire week, every week increasing the quantity and quality of people in your talent database, everywhere in the country.

We have a full time recruiting department that does nothing else all week but source and recruit motivated individuals into our database.

Consequently our internal database has grown to over 250,000 + available staff members.

There are plenty of places to find motivated, energetic and excited people to sign up to work at your events. Use as many recruiting tools as you can to find the best Brand Ambassadors Nationwide.

Get on Social Media!

This isn’t a news flash, the key is using it smartly.

LinkedIN is a fantastic recruiting tool because you can actually see what type of experience people have.

Join as many Facebook Brand Ambassador groups as you can Start a twitter handle dedicated to nothing but job postings. These are just a few ideas.

Outside of social media ask for videos and skype interviews to make sure your potential staff are a good fit.

There are many places to find job seekers, but the next step is equally important.

Develop a System For Screening and Hiring Staff

When it comes to event staffing nationwide, you never want to shoot from the hip. There are just too many important things going on at once.

If you have multiple people interviewing potential candidates, recruiting and managing logistics, they should all be on the same page, at all times.

For example, our Brand Ambassador’s always receive a minimum of five emails and two phone calls and interviews from ATN Account Managers. When they express interest in an event everything is automatically tracked within our system

The human factor of staffing makes it difficult at times which is why a system is absolutely necessary.

Whatever system you set up, be sure that your recruiters are following it exactly, so you’ll have consistency across the board.

When you work to improve, you’ll only need to tweak the system itself to maximize efficiency and success.

Train Your Brand Ambassador’s Before the Event

Brand Ambassadors and Talent want to show up knowing exactly what is going to happen on event day. Creating a simple 10-20 question quiz based on your event details can eliminate a ton of headaches and ensure the people you hired to work your event will show up prepared.

Questions should cover:

  • Brand talking points
  • Required attire
  • Time of arrival
  • What they should bring
  • Any other key information

Build the pre-testing into your system so no Brand Ambassadors slip through the cracks. Allow your clients to create the quizzes, or do it your self. Our custom quizzes use a variety of multiple choice, true/false, and free form questions.

Book Back Ups

Even if you feel 100% confident about your team going into an event, booking backups will guarantee a full team and provide peace of mind.

As a general rule, plan on up to 30-35% backups for events requiring a lot of staff. When people drop out or emergencies come up it won’t affect the event.

Spend Extra Time Vetting Leaders

When it comes to market managers and Team Leads it’s best to put them through multiple interviews and make sure they have experience. How an assigned leader or manager performs on-site can make or break an event.

Provide Good Direction To Your Field Team

Many events require data collections, pictures and client recaps. Staff should be fully aware of these responsibilities prior to the event. Accurate ROI is vital, and advance preparation will lead to accurate post event reports.

Finish Strong

If post event reports are required set a deadline for receiving these materials, 24 hours or under is best, the day of is optimal. Sometimes yesterday’s event can seem like years ago, make sure to collect recap reports while the event experience is fresh.

The Final Word

The challenge for any nationwide event staffing agency is to provide consistently excellent staff everywhere. Building systems, rigorous screening/hiring practices and a whole lot of pre and post event planning will help get the job done properly.

Contact us here if interested in partnering with ATN Promo for your event staffing needs.



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