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MIG & DealerSocket At It Again! NADA 2016

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At the 2016 NADA Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, NV, MIG created an experience that was the talk of the show. 30,000 attendees were witness to something truly amazing!


The MIG team produced some next-level awesomeness with the idea of facing the entire booth with a 42’ wide x 20’ tall LED video wall. Two entrances were integrated into the design to allow attendees to pass through the giant video surface into a VIP room, where they could lounge and network.

“We knew that DealerSocket wanted to take their booth to the next level…. so we put our heads together to find a way to step it up.”Diana Hustedt, Producer, MIG

Surrounding the entrance way were dozens of demo stations to engage the attendees. “We knew that DealerSocket wanted to take their booth to the next level and really stand out on the expo floor, so we put our heads together to find a way to step it up,” said Diana Hustedt, MIG Producer.

“We realized we couldn’t stop at just the impressive video wall,” said MIG Technical Director, Lance Hall, “… so we constructed a 20’ x 20’ LED floor which carried the content and messaging to the literal edge of the booth entrance. Attendees could actually walk over the floor as video played beneath there feet. This dominated the convention floor and stopped everyone in their tracks.”

MIG Creative Director, Jeffrey Poe added, “DealerSocket is a top-tier software solutions company that is always looking to push the boundaries with their booth. Having won best booth in 2015, DealerSocket approached Pinnacle Exhibits and MIG to give their booth a face that could tell their story dynamically and get people to stop in their tracks, literally. We worked in conjunction with Pinnacle Exhibits to find a way to balance their great design aesthetic with a show-stopping video wall and floor. It was as if attendees who passed by the booth got stuck to the floor as soon as they saw the screen. The super bright LED’s could be seen from the other side of the hall. And that is what we do – get people to stop and say wow and engage with your brand, and nobody does it like MIG!”

So the next time you are racking your brain trying to think about how you can get all the attention at your next expo event, just make your life easy and call the pro’s at MIG.


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