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Marketo: Building Connections One Marketer at a Time

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At Marketing Nation Summit, Davis Lee, senior creative director at Marketo, talks about relationship building at Marketing Nation Summit—and the color purple.

Q: What is Marketo, and who are your customers?

DL: We are a marketing software company. We try to help businesses become more successful and build marketing strategy. Our customers range anywhere from smaller to enterprise customers.

Q: How important are events and experiences to your business?

DL: Face-to-face networking is so important because you don’t just want to learn from another marketer, you want to build a relationship so everyone becomes successful. It's a win-win situation. At Marketo, it's not just about an individual’s contribution. It’s not just about becoming successful. It’s about having fun on the journey. The experience of being a part of something BIG, that’s pretty awesome. Click here to read the full article. 



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