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Make your activation memorable and fun!

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"If you don’t’ have the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over?” by John Wooden. This is especially true for experiential marketing, because moments cannot be redone. What is the ultimate goal or call of action are all things your activation strategy must consider. One strategy that has always proven to be successful… make the activation fun and memorable. Attached are a few example. First one is an activation with a bed set up in a booth, attendees are encouraged to take pictures and have fun on the bed and take silly pictures. To share the pictures on social media and tag the sponsor and the attendee receives a free drink. Second one is attendees are encouraged to leave a message and take pictures in front of the colorful message board. Last one is an activation where attendees are invited to the space where they can relax and get a full body massage. Each one of these sparks either a fun or memorable element that makes the impression long lasting and shared.


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