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Lunar New Year Brings Big Branding Opportunities

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In some Asian Culture, Lunar New Year is a major holiday. Time for family & friends gathering, a full feast and red pocket exchange. In China, many companies are closed during this time as employees return to their home town to celebrate the New Year with their family.  In recent years, Asian have become one of the fastest growing and leading segment in the US. Brand marketers targeting the Asian market now have another big opportunity to provide great advertising and sponsoring opportunities during Lunar New Year celebrations. This year marks the 'Year of Monkey'. Many of the major Las Vegas hotels have decorated their hotel in celebration of Lunar New Year. The Venetian has a playful display set up in one of the atriums showcasing 30+ monkeys with red lanterns attracting the Asian consumers. 

San Francisco, which hosts the largest Lunar New Year Festival and Parade in the U.S. brings out roughly 750,000 people to celebrate. Major sponsors for those events included Coca-Cola, Hyundai, McDonalds Southwest Airlines, and TsingTao. Other cities including Los Angeles, New York, and Monterey Park are also drawing crowds in the 100,000s for their respective festivals. 

Innovate Marketing Group's client Wing Hop Fung was a proud sponsor for the celebration taking place at the Westfield Santa Anita. The event attracted a large crowd to the festivity. From lion dance, calligraphy, face changing performance, live entertainment, arts & crafts, games, and more!



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