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Live Experiences are Driving Marketing Spend

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Experiential marketing led the way in marketing expenditure during the second quarter of 2015, according to the latest Bellwether report.

GMR Managing Director (London) James Hunt sat down with Event magazine to discuss the findings, which reported +7.4% of experiential marketing agencies recording growth in marketing budgets.

"At GMR, we have certainly seen a growth in our experiential business as brands are continuing to see the true value of experiential as part of a wider marketing mix," James told Event.

"The volume of people that live experiences reach versus other channels such as TV advertising has previously been a concern for some brands. However, the authenticity of live experiences really resonates with the modern consumer. By leveraging the rich and often personalised content generated at events, they are more willing to engage, share and advocate brands within their personal networks," he said.

Read the full article published on 7/17/15 in Event, or take action now: contact GMR to put our expertise to work for your brand.



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