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kubik Eneco Windlab Visitor’s Center

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How do you explain to children in the age group of 8 to 12 years the concept of sustainable energy, especially with regards to wind energy? And how do you respect the client’s request that the answer to this question must be sustainable as well, taking into account the solution must be inviting for other target groups? Answer: WindLab, the world’s first re-locatable visitor center.   


The ENECO Windlab is an inspiring learning environment located near a wind energy farm that consists of six mega wind generators located in the south of The Netherlands. Kubik designed and developed the Wind Lab concept in close co-operation with the experts from ENECO and specialized education partners. For the children, a special “Wind Detective” program encouraged them to build their own windmill, learn about the power of wind, turbines, mega watts and sustainable energy production as well as take an inside look in a real wind turbine experiencing the height and power it generates. After successfully completing the program they receive a signed certificate that makes them an official “Wind Expert”.


After the official opening this summer, the ENECO Windlab became not only a very popular destination for education excursions but also became a great place for corporate meetings. Learning about wind energy in an informal setting is not only something children like but is also highly appreciated by ENECO employees and their guest.  Plans are already underway to rebuild the movable visitor center to an even larger Wind Farm in the north of Holland.   With the Windlab and anticipated future use, ENECO positions itself clearly as the leader in renewable energy on the Dutch market.

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