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Introducing Speak EZ-AR

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Nervous public speakers who have long been advised to “picture the audience in their underwear” can now do so with ease.

Speak EZ-AR  is the first ever augmented reality (AR) application designed to help those challenged by public speaking overcome their fears.

Donning stylish AR glasses, users can change the audience into whomever – or whatever – makes them most comfortable. Because this may mean different things for different people, speakers can choose from a number of nerve-calming menu options, such as “Audience in Underwear,” “Just Your Mom,” “Audience is Richard Dreyfuss,” “Kittens,” and more.

Our teams here at Cramer realized that while we help clients create, plan, and execute speeches and world-class experiential marketing events, there was more to be done to ease speakers’ on-stage nerves. Our R&D team determined that if AR technology allows individuals to imagine themselves on the moon, under the ocean, or sailing the seven seas, then creating audience-altering technology for public speakers was well within reach.

Each April, our teams release a new innovation that solves a big need in the marketplace. In 2015, we brought you Pawculus Rift, the first – and likely the last – virtual reality system designed entirely for dogs.

This year we hope to see Speak EZ-AR take off in a big way.

Stay tuned for updates, new versions, and bonus menu options.


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