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How To Hire The Right Brand Ambassador – 5 Tips

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How To Choose The Right Brand Ambassador

Selecting just the perfect brand ambassador to represent your brand can be overwhelming.

In today’s internet world we rely hugely on screening and hiring through computer screens.

Very rarely do agencies and clients get a chance to meet with event staff in person prior to an event.

Staffing agencies are hired to bridge the gap between event needs and the perfect brand ambassador for the job. 

To effectively use a staffing agency, as a client representative, you must be able to specify exactly what you are looking for in a brand ambassador.


Here are 5 requirements a candidate should meet in order to be considered as a brand ambassador at your promotional event:

1. Professional – Individuals who are reliable, punctual, well-spoken and good communicators hit all the marks for the type of person you want as your brand ambassador

2. Personality – Outgoing, approachable and enthusiastic people possess the energy to draw others into their space. People with these magnetic personality traits are a consistently great match for brand ambassador roles. People with magnetic personalities naturally create buzz and excitement at an event. Magnetic people do just that – they draw in and engage consumers to your event space.

3. Experience – Although brand ambassador experience can be helpful, do not quickly rule out those who haven’t yet worked as one. A large variety of job experience translates seamlessly into a brand ambassador role: customer service, hospitality, sales and administrative experience are all skillsets that are suited for all the makings of an A+ brand ambassador.

4. Interests – Each product and service is different. Consider the message you are communication with your promotional event and seek out brand ambassadors who posses a similar qualities to the brand. For example: if the event is at a marathon, choose fitness-minded individuals who will bring personal excitement to your event.

5. Special skills – We all have unique experiences and with so many types of promotional events happening, any number of specialties should be considered based on the specific job. Some examples of special skills: photography, modeling, cosmetology, acting, bilingual speaking, dancing, emceeing etc.


The big question is – “If I don’t get a chance to meet my brand ambassador in person how am I to determine if they meet the 5 requirements?”

Fortunately ATN Promo’s rigorous screening and booking process is one of the most effective and detail oriented in the industry.  

We understand that an ATN Promo brand ambassador is not only the face of your brand, but our agency as well.  Through our client portal all clients have the ability to hand pick their top choices. ATN Promo wants our client to know who is representing them and their Brand.  

5 ways ATN Promo helps you pick the right ambassador for your brand:

1. Screening process – Through our vetting and booking processes all applicants establish a genuine, committed and professional interest in working a specific event.

2. Booking protocol – a strict booking protocol have been proven effective in identifying the top talent for our clients’ events.

3. Rating system – Brand ambassadors are rated by account managers after each Event during the recap process.  Client feedback is encouraged and included in the recap rating.

4. Preview system – ATN has developed a new proprietary candidate-preview system which allows for the client to preview all “interested-candidates” at a glance. 

5. Candidate bios – The bios for all booked staff can be seen in each client portal where our client will find all headshots, experience, statistics, noteworthy characteristics, and special skills and talents ascribed to each talent.

Ready to pick the best brand ambassador for your event? Contact ATN Promo today!


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