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How Do You Vend … Vending machine?

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One of the most innovative and exciting marketing vehicles we’ve seen evolve over of the last few years has been the use of Interactive Vending Machines. From image and sound recognition, to “food currency” operated, to socially powered, to cookie creators, to touch sensitive, to interactive screens that are connected via live cams hundreds of thousands of miles apart in different parts of the world. Brands are taking this innovation to a whole new level, and your brand could be next! Moderne Communications can be your partner in ideating, engineering and executing your vending machine concept. All you have to do is ask! 

To get your wheels spinning, we thought we’d share some creative examples and some of our favorite executions to date here: Top 10 Awesome Vending Machines. Here are a few other favorites:


  1. Coca-Cola’s Small World – India and Pakistan’s relationship has not been the best, so Coca-Cola brought their happiness to them with this vending machine. A machine in India was connected to a machine in Pakistan. People approaching these vending machines shared a moment through the touch screen and cameras to have a positive exchange with each other. The exchange of course ended with a can of coke!

  2. Pepsi Soccer – Ahead of the excitement of the 2014 World Cup, Soccer (or Football, if you’re outside the U.S.!) fans were able to score a free Pepsi by showing off their soccer moves in front of the vending machine. Check out the video below to see a demo and an ad for the installment!

  3. Corelle Never Chips. Never. – Vending machines aren’t just for food and beverages anymore. To us, this is the most traditional and most clever vending machine. We all know Corelle dinnerware to be “unbreakable”, and that’s exactly what they set out to prove in this vending installment in China. People could purchase a plate of their choice and watch it fall to the bottom of the machine completely unharmed.

  4. BC Tourism Giant – British Columbia wanted to promote their tourism in a big way, so thats exactly what they did! A monolithic vending machine took over a plaza in San Francisco to give away massive prizes all made in BC – mountain bikes, surfboards, and even aboriginal art! Watch the video to really see how big this campaign was!

  5. Zico’s Vending Garden – Zico has perhaps the most unique vending experience. As New Yorkers approached the machine expecting to grab a free Zico, the facade actually slid open to reveal a room – a garden with dancers and musicians. They were served Zico on silver platters and grabbed photos at the photobooth!


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