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How Beacons Power Personalized Events

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Whether attending a big trade show or a small conference, no two attendees have the same experience. What tool enables event managers to not only engage participants, but tailor the event to each individuals’ needs?


Registration lines snaking out of expo hall doors are a thing of the past. A pain free and seamless registration can be achieved through beacon tech pushing QR Codes to attendees’ mobile devices when near the registration area.  The support doesn’t end once the attendees have passed through the registration area. Beacons throughout the event floor interact actively and passively with the app for a more interactive consumer experience including push notifications to keep attendees informed about breaking events and appearances.

For those who are having a hard time choosing what seminars, talks, or meet and greets to take part in; beacons, combined with the right dashboard and event mobile app can push recommendations based on user profiles and preferences.

Tailored sessions keeping attendees in their seats? Beacons can enable auto favoriting when the participant has spent a specified amount of time at a session. This is also an opportunity for social discovery where participants can see who among their business and social network (LinkedIn, Facebook etc…) is in the session and has favorited it as well.


Since one of the key reasons people attend is to meet other people the trifecta of beacons, dashboard and event mobile apps offer the opportunity for event goers to see who else is attending and connect with and message peers and influencers.

Because no event wants to be boring, a beacon enabled scavenger hunt fosters competitive spirit while getting foot traffic across the entire exhibit floor.

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